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Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund, Inc. is a charitable organization whose purpose is to make the dream of college a reality for eligible students who are dependents and descendants of an individual who has been injured or killed in the course and scope of their employment and who received benefits under the Florida Workers' Compensation Law. In addition, dependents of individuals whose primary employment is connected with the operation and/or administration of this same law are also eligible to receive scholarships.Read more ...






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Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund, Inc. has been in existence since 1991. Since then we have awarded approximately 800 scholarships that total nearly $1.7 million used to assist qualified college students achieve their educational goal.

Cards for a Cause June 9th

The 14th Annual Cards for a Cause event will be held, once again at the Citrus Club in Orlando.  Purchase tickets early and don't miss this great event.

2023 Scholarship Cycle Closed

Applications for the 2023-24 school year have been closed. Next cycle will be available online and are due by February 28, 2024. For more information regarding eligibility and the application process, please contact our office.

Letter From Founder & President Richard Sadow

Much to my dismay, I was unable to attend the Scholarship Selection Meeting last June.  To me, it is the highlight of the year and I was very disappointed to miss out on meeting the students.  Those who attended, reported back that it was one of the most impressive group of students that we have had the privilege of meeting.  Their interests were diverse, their accomplishments were stellar, and their goals set incredibly high.  I have no doubt that this group of scholarship recipients will make their mark!! 

In total, $61,000 was awarded to 17 new students and 11 returning applicants, which means almost $1.7 million awarded throughout our history! This year's recipients are all exceptional students but three received special awards.  William Donaghy, an Agriscience student at the University of Florida, received the Phil Feldman Award.  The Jennifer Sadow Award went to Ashlyn Langford, an FSU student who was Valedictorian of her high school, and entered college as a Junior.  Ashlyn is studying International Affairs and Human Rights Law. The Mike Reid Award was given to Sarah Halbert, a Geology major at UF.  

REMEMBER OUR MISSION IS TO HELP THE EDUCATIONAL DREAMS AND GOALS OF STUDENTS BECOME A REALITY.  Eligibility is determined through scholastic requirements and the parent's relationship to the Florida Workers' Compensation system.  The parent's injuries need not be catastrophic in nature, and dependants of those involved in the administration of the WC statute are also eligible.  This distinguishes us from other noteworthy organizations who also offer scholarships.  In some cases, these agencies have offered our students whom meet their criteria, additional funds. 

The most recent Sadow Award was given to Cliff Moskowitz, and although the presentation has not yet been made, Cliff is a deserving recipient.  As you know, in the past this award has been presented at our meeting at the WCI Conference.  But due to the changing complexion of the conference, we have decided to change the venue of this meeting.  Therefore, suggestions of how and where to hold the meeting and make the presentation are welcome and appreciated from all those supporting and involved in the scholarship fund.  My two suggestions: 1) hold our meeting in conjunction with another annual meeting such as FL Bar section meetings or FWA, where presentation and meeting can be held simultaneously or 2) make the award presentation in the local area where the Sadow award winner resides and or practices.  Please send all input to me at grubinka@aol.com or to our director, Lori Salzman at lori@440scholarship.org

Lastly is a call for assistance with social media.  It seems the world revolves around Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, and our presence there is lacking. I feel this is the best way to connect with our students and alumni, but Lori and I are not tech savvy enough to be effective.  Does anyone under 35 even talk on the phone anymore?? So if you are a well versed Tweeter, please help us and volunteer to share your knowledge.

Remember, applications for the next school year are due by February 28th.  Applications are available online.  All new and returning students are required to re-apply.

Thanks and best wishes,


Happy New Year!  Although 2020 is one we would all like to put in the rear view mirror, my wish is that 2021 will be a new year full of hope and looking to a brighter future.  I am hopeful that our new administration will be able to forge ahead and bring unity, healing, and revitalization to our very divided country. 

Our organization has also suffered from the effects of Covid 19.  With events canceled and fundraising down to an all time low, we too must work together to revitalize the Scholarship Fund.  Sadly for us, (but lucky for them) a few of our most dedicated members have retired from practice and moved on.  These include Mr. James Walker, one of our important founders, who has been a force in the Treasure Coast area, and Mr. George Rotchford, who worked tirelessly for Northeast Florida, and whose dedication to the students of the Scholarship Fund was most notable. We wish them all the best and thank them for their many years of service.  I hope that we can find others with their level of passion to take the baton and help us stay strong. What we need is Youth, and energy in all areas of the state, including rebirth of Tampa.

Yours truly has not been able to perform like my old self, due to illness and multiple hospitalizations.  But I will do my best to keep working on behalf of the scholarship fund.  The knowledge that our work helps students achieve their goals and dreams is what truly keeps me going.  I do it for the kids and I hope that will be one of my greatest accomplishments.                                                                             

I am concerned that Covid will also affect the application process this year.  Since fundraising is down, and the application rate may be as well, I urge you to do two things: 1) reach into your pockets for a donation to the Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund, and 2) encourage your eligible contacts to apply.  Remember the deadline is February 28th.

This past year was definitely a rough one, but I hope everyone gets the vaccine so we can see each other in 2021!

All the best,


With the Super Bowl upon us, I know that many football fans are divided by their passion for the teams involved.  Some people are die hard Tom Brady fans, and some fans despise him and want to see the Eagles fly!! But one thing we can come together and agree on is that we are all fans of the Scholarship Fund.

Since February is here, remember that the deadline for applications to the Scholarship Fund is rapidly approaching.  The application is available right here on our website and is due by February 28th, no exceptions. I want to help even more students this year, but we can only do that if they apply.  That is why I am requesting that all those involved in the Employer Carrier side of the law, remind all Employers and Carriers that the children of those whose primary employment is connected with the administration of the Florida Workers' Compensation Act are eligible to apply for a scholarship. This includes insurance adjusters, secretaries, mediators, rehabilitation staff, risk management departments, and all those who are engaged in the administration of this same law. It is a win-win proposition.  

Claimant attorneys should refresh their memory and make sure their clients, with college bound children, are aware of this opportunity. I am sure each of you has a client whose child may be eligible to receive a Scholarship.  That also means that clients you may have represented many years ago, when their children were young, may now be college age and eligible to receive our scholarship.  Every little bit helps these kids achieve their dreams.

My heartfelt thanks go out to all those that have spent time and effort in making this last year one of the most successful fund raising years in the history of the scholarship fund. This includes Kim DeArcangelis, AnnaMarie Kim-Miller, Peter Shapiro and the rest of your crew in Orlando for everything you do to make Cards for A Cause, such a fabulous event.  I understand it will be June 8th this year so everyone mark your calendars.  I really want to be there!! 

I also want to thank everyone in the Treasure Coast area: Jim Walker, Jill Jacobs, Melanie Jacobson, Mike Bodik, and Paul Westcott to name a few for the many events you work so hard to plan.  Between fishing tournaments, Trivia Nights, and educational events with the Judges, I don't know how you have time for your practices.  In Jacksonville, Ed Williamsonand his team, and in Tallahassee, Tod Stupski and Mary Cruickshank always find a way to have fun and raise money at the same time.         

Cory Schnepper's unbelievable dedication in producing our 25th Anniversary Celebration book and Eric Sandler's blood, sweat, and tears, for the Gala, both deserve a standing ovation.  Cory's labor of love captured wonderful memories of our history with industry-wide support, and Eric's hard work and excellent negotiating skills made the banquet a financial win for the Scholarship Fund.  Together these two raised over $60,000!!!  

I am very grateful to all of you for working so hard to keep this dream of mine going strong.

In closing, please know that under the new tax code contributions to The Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund, Inc. REMAIN valid DEDUCTIONS.  So help the kids and DONATE NOW!!!

Thanks again,  Richard

Dear Friends,
On Saturday, June 3rd, the Scholarship Selection Committee gathered together to interview its new scholarship candidates. I am proud to announce for the 2017-18 school year, we were able to award $64,000.00 in scholarships to 30 remarkable individuals so that their educational goals and dreams can become a reality.  These awards, made to 19 returning students and to 11 new applicants, would not have been possible without the overwhelming generosity of Moran Kidd, Adelson, Testan, Brundo, Novell & Jimenez, Peter Shapiro, Dr. Anthony Afong, Dr. Bert Ray, Judge Frank Clark, Eric Sandler, Steven Feldman, and of course, Touby, Chait, & Sicking, P.L, who made a significant match to these gifts.                    
Each year I am impressed with our students and this year is no different.  Perhaps because of their experience with taking care of their injured parent, an overwhelming number of them plan to study medicine and the health sciences. They are a remarkable group of bright and highly motivated individuals.  This year, the Mike Reid Award goes to Alexia Borges, a young girl from Miami who will attend UM.  Alexia has a severely autistic brother and has written a book about her experience of growing up with his disability, as well as a blog for others with autistic siblings. The Phil Feldman Award goes to Silvia Huaman from Orlando.  Silvia plans to study medicine at UCF and already travels on medical missions to the village in Peru where she was born.  She hopes to one day open a clinic in this tiny village that has no health care facilities within three hours.The Jennifer Sadow award will once again be awarded to Duneshka Moran-Deleon from Jacksonville.  She is from Jacksonville and continues to study pre-med at Florida Gulf Coast University.
Many thanks to Judge Wil Condry, Judge Frank Clark, Chuck Kelley, Cory Schnepper, Eric Sandler, Mal Steinberg, Anna Marie Kim, George Rotchford, Bert Ray, Joan Valdes, Vivian Hernandez-Popp, and Ken Eichler, who all devoted their Saturday to Scholarship Selection. Your efforts are instrumental in being able to meet the funds goals which as all know is to HELP THE KIDS attain their dreams and goals. Thanks again.
Last but not least, my heartfelt thanks to the Orlando Division led by Kim De Arcangelis, Peter Shapiro, Anna Marie Kim, Andrew Serano, and Matt Troy.  Their 10th Annual Cards for a Cause event will be held Friday, June 16th, and helps us kick off our fundraising for next years' scholarships.  Don't miss it if you are in the Orlando area. 
I look forward to seeing you all at the WCI Conference in Orlando on August 7th!
Here's to a great summer,

Be sociable, like us now! Be sociable, like us now!


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