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February 2012

It's 2012 already. Each year there are unknowns and knowns. We do not know who is going to win the Republican nomination or who will win the general election. Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals and those nasty independents and moderates. What makes the Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund unique is a known in which those of all backgrounds and classifications get together as one to help the kids. Helping the educational dreams of many to become a reality is very rewarding.  

An unknown each year has been the amount and the number of scholarships. The known is that everyone will do their best to make 2012 a success. Some updates are that Jim Walker and his committee are reviewing the bylaws again. Judge Condry and his committee are finalizing the waiver process.

A special thank you to Mark Touby who pledged $25,000 over five years to the Scholarship Fund. Also thanks to all donors who contributed time and funds during our 20th anniversary year in 2011.
Our fiscal year ends March 31st and, therefore, there is still time to donate towards scholarships to be awarded this year. Applications are due February 28th.
Sharon McMorris has located more alumni, and they are featured at the end of this letter.
Our next board meeting is set for February 11th.  Hope to see you all there.
Keep up the great work!

Richard A. Sadow

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Richard A. Sadow
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