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June 2012
While the Miami HEAT was in the midst of their playoff run, the Scholarship Fund on June 2nd awarded $67,650 to 43 students. The students receiving these awards are truly outstanding individuals.
The Jennifer A. Sadow Hands of Friendship Award is given to a student who is dedicated to teaching or helping students with special needs. This year it was again awarded to Jacob Power. Jacob is a senior at University of Florida majoring in history with a minor in teaching. He will graduate in June and plans to teach at the high school level.
The Michael J. Reid Award, which is usually given to a student who wants to pursue a career in journalism, was given to Kristina Bogos. Kristina is a sophomore at New York University who wants to pursue a career in journalism and Hellenic studies.
The Philip J. Feldman Award, given to a student who displays exceptional character, was given again to Carolina Echeverri. Carolina is a sophomore at Florida State University where she plans to major in international affairs and German.
Two additional students I feel deserve special notice are Daniel Medina and Milena Zambrana.
Daniel suffers from a rare medical condition which almost took his life as an infant and has required him to have continuing medical care. Regardless of this he attained a 3.35 GPA and has enrolled at the University of Miami planning to major in marine biology and environmental sciences.
Milena's father sustained a severe traumatic brain injury while on the job and, rather than being defeated by said injury and experience, she centered her energy on helping others in similar situations by establishing a web site for people coping with a family member with a traumatic brain injury. She will be attending University of Central Florida where she plans to major in psychology.
What is extremely rewarding is to learn what some of the students we have helped to fulfill their educational dreams and goals have actually accomplished. Through the efforts of Sharon McMorris we have located more alumni and short descriptions of what they have accomplished are on the website. To view them, click  Scholarship Recipients — Where Are They Now June 2012.
Some of these are:
Staff Sergeant Xavier Perez was awarded scholarships for two years beginning in 1999. He is a musician with the U.S. Army stationed at West Point. He performs and teaches music. He received the scholarship during a difficult time in his family life, and the award made it easier for him as he transitioned from Community College to University of Miami. He and his wife are expecting a baby this year. To listen to his beautiful saxophone playing, go to
Dr. T. Elijah Benioni was awarded scholarships for four years beginning in 1999. He is now the Medical Director of Sarasota County and the Chief of Education for Sarasota Emergency Associates. He serves on the Faculty at the Florida State University College of Medicine as the Emergency Medicine Clerkship Director. His undergraduate degree is in music from University of Miami.
Dr. Ryan S. Huss was awarded scholarships for three years beginning in 2002. He went to Florida State University and transferred to complete his bachelor's degree at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. He attained a degree in Human Biology, pursued a pre-medical course curriculum and conducted research in the Stanford Department of Neurosurgery studying cancer stem cells. He obtained his medical degree at Stanford. He is now working as a Senior Medical Fellow at a company creating a medical device to help diagnose medical conditions (like the Tricorder on Star Trek).
Dr. Carisa Karin Pearce was awarded scholarships for five years beginning in 1996. She graduated from University of Florida and Temple Medical School, then Cornell and Columbia in New York for four years of residency. She specializes in patients with chronic pain due to cancer.
I would like to congratulate the HEAT for winning their second crown. This was accomplished not only due to James, Wade and Bosh, but also to all those in a supporting role . . . teamwork and the entire squad.
This year three individuals who have devoted so much to the success of the Scholarship Fund were nominated for the Richard Sadow Achievement Award. They are Judge Wil Condry, Charlie D'Agata and Mal Steinberg. I am proud to announce that Mal Steinberg won the award. My thanks go out to everyone for their efforts. Regardless of how hard we as individuals work for the Scholarship Fund, the Fund cannot be a success without the efforts of all.
The number of scholarships awarded and the number of kids we can help is directly related to fundraising. The Scholarship Fund is always looking for new ideas to maximize same. If anyone has an idea please forward it to me, Sharon or to Mark Touby who is our Vice President of Fundraising.
Some of the recent fundraising events were:
  • Treasure Coast Division's Greater Palm Beach Offshore 440 Fishing Tournament
  • Tampa Bay Division's Golf Classic
  • Orlando Division's Cards for a Cause
  • South Florida Division's Miami Marlins Event: Day with the Fish
Special thanks go out to the event and division chairpersons:
  • Treasure Coast Fishing: Marcos Gonzalez, Mike Bodik and Jim Walker
  • Tampa Bay Golf: Bill Mathews and Nancy Cavey
  • Orlando Cards for a Cause: AnnaMarie Kim and Kim Woods
  • South Florida Miami Marlins Day: Cliff Moskowitz and Eric Sandler
Also, thank you to all who supported these events with sponsorships, time or attendance.
I suppose that this is not only a president's message, but also a thank you note. I would like to thank Jim Walker, Cory Schnepper, Eric Sandler, and again Sharon McMorris. Sharon's efforts as executive director have been priceless to me.
Last I would like to thank those who answered the plea for additional funds to be used solely toward this year's scholarship awards. They are:
  • Cory Schnepper, Levine, Bush & Schnepper, P.A.
  • Tom Conroy
  • Clint Lyons, Moran Kidd
  • Morgan & Morgan
  • Joan Valdes, Law Office of Joan I. Valdes, P.L.
  • Bill Mathews
  • C. Wade McGuffey, Jr., Goodman McGuffey Lindsey & Johnson, LLP
  • Dr. Albert Ray
  • Vincent Carbone, Value Pawn & Jewelry (EZCORP)
  • Jane-Robin Wender, Jane-Robin Wender, P.A.
On a personal note I cannot overstate the appreciation I have for those who showed so much concern for my health issues. They lifted my spirits and hastened my recovery. Thanks again, and let's keep on helping the kids.
Richard A. Sadow

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