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Title: Support Cory's Personal Fundraising Page

Hosted by: Salzman, Lori

Goal: $ 20,000.00
Support Cory's Personal Fundraising Page

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$ 3,990.00
Tomorrow, as the Beatles’ song goes, is “when I’m 64” and all that this classic song questions.  I have a wonderful wife, family, and friends, so I really don’t need a holiday on a Channel Island – but this is what I would like for my birthday:  I want to say it helped a child go to college.  
So, please donate here to the Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund.  

Give $5.00, $10.00, or whatever.  My goal is to raise only $1000, and I have another donor who will match everything I raise.  That means $2000 for scholarships!! So to all you “Vera, Chuck, and Daves,” and to everyone else, let me see the right answer to McCartney’s eternal “64” question.  Thanks to all!!


Support my fundraiser in benefit of
Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund, Inc.

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R. Cory Schnepper


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