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T. Elijah Benioni, MD, ABEM, AACS

Was awarded scholarships for four years beginning in 1999.

He was eligible due to the work-related injury of his father. As an undergraduate at the University of Miami, he had a double degree in music and biology with a minor in chemistry. He received an MD from the University of Rochester. His certifications in Cosmetic Surgery are broad including training in basic, advanced and high definition liposuction, as well as the newly FDA-approved suture suspension lift procedures. He currently serves on faculty at the Florida State University College of Medicine as the Emergency Medicine Clerkship Director and is a Board Certified Physician by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. He also serves as the Associate Medical Director of Sarasota County and the Chief of Education for Sarasota Emergency Associates. In his free time Dr. Benioni is an avid lover of performing arts. Dr. Benioni is proud to bring his expertise back to Florida.

"I will be forever grateful for the 440 Scholarship Fund, which helped to pave the way when my family and I needed the help the most."

– T. Elijah Benioni, MD

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