Connect with Friends of 440
Main Office:
9100 South Dadeland Blvd.
Suite 1600
Miami, Florida 33156
(305) 423-8710
Statewide Board of Directors
  • AnnaMarie Kim-Miller, Secretary R. Support my fundraiser
  • Judy Ray Holley, Vice President for Scholarship Selection
Vice President Emeritus
  • Alan M. Kuker
  • Cesar Armstrong
  • Judge Wil Condry
  • Thomas W. Conroy
  • Charles Kelley
  • James T. Walker

Fort Myers Division Fort Myers Division


  • Frank Clark, chair

Gainesville/Ocala Division Gainesville/Ocala Division


  • Stuart Suskin – President
  • Barbara Richard – Vice President
  • Christine Harter – Treasurer
  • Robert Keeter – Secretary

North East (Jacksonville) Division North East (Jacksonville) Division

  • Ed Williamson – Co-Chair
  • Jonathan Israel – Treasurer
  • George Rotchford – Scholarship Selection Chairman
  • Judge Ray Holley
Tallahassee Division
  • Tod Stupski, Chair
  • Mary Cruickshank, Co-chair

Orlando Division Orlando Division


  • Kim De Arcangelis – President
  • Peter Shapiro – Vice President
  • Paolo Longo – Treasurer
  • Sean McCormack – Secretary/Coordinator

South Florida Division South Florida Division


  • Eric Sandler – President  Support my fundraiser
  • Mal Steinberg – Vice President
  • Henry H. Harnage – Vice President Selection
  • R. Cory Schnepper – Treasurer
  • Grace Murtada – Secretary
  • Narcy Fajardo and Gary Miller – Co-Chairs, Fund Raising
  • Chuck Kelley – Historian

Contact Information

Contact Eric Sandler for membership information.

Tampa Bay Division Tampa Bay Division


  • Chris Petruccelli - President
  • Mary Jo Anderson – Vice President
  • Gina Vega– Secretary
  • Jeanna Orphanidys – Treasurer
  • Judge Mark Massey

Treasure Coast Division Treasure Coast Division

Scholarship Selection Committee
  • Honorable J. Keef Owens, Chair
  • Andrew Reich, Vice Chair
  • Robert Bamdas, Chair - Palm Beach County


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The Friends of 440 Scholarship welcomes members from all over Florida. Please take the time to click on the division in your area to get involved!

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Richard A. Sadow
(305) 423-8710 office

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