Richard Sadow Annual Award

  • The Richard Sadow Award is the highest award given by the Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund to a volunteer who has shown outstanding and selfless service to the Scholarship Fund and the Scholarship Recipients.


    Named for the organization's Founder and President, Richard Sadow, whose passion, energy, and unconditional devotion have helped fulfill the dreams of hundreds of students.


    The award is presented annually at the WCI Conference in August.


    Congratulations to Judge Ray Holley and Dawn Traverso, our 2019  recipients!! 


    Judge Holley was appointed to the Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims in the Jacksonville District in 2010.  He has been an integral part of the Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund as VP of Scholarship Selection, where he provides guidance in all aspects of the Scholarship process.


    Dawn Traverso is the managing partner of the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale office of Eraclides Gelman where she focuses her practice on Workers' Compensation Defense.  When not in the office, her fundraising skills have been invaluable in helping the Scholarship Fund beef up its scholarship awards to students.

Cliff Moskowitz

Scholarship Fund Vice President, Eric Sandler, presents 2018 winner Cliff Moskowitz with Sadow Award at the 2019 Workers' Compensation Forum in Orlando.

Kim DeArcangelis
Kim DeArcangelis, of Morgan & Morgan is Chair of the annual Cards for a Cause fundraiser and 2017 Sadow winner
Mark Touby
2016 winner, Mark Touby, of Touby, Chait & Sicking, PL spearheads our annual "March Madness" Challenge.
Mark Spano
The 2015 Sadow Award was presented to Mark Spano by Treasurer, Cory Schnepper, at the WCI Conference in Orlando.
Anna Marie Kim
Judge W. James Condry, II and VP Bill Mathews present the 2014 Sadow Award to Anna Marie Kim

Past Award Winners

    Peter Shapiro 2021
    Judge Ray Holley 2019
    Dawn Traverso 2019
    Cliff Moskowitz 2018
    Kim De Arcangelis 2017
    Mark Touby 2016
    Mark Spano 2015
    Anna Marie Kim 2014
    Judge W. James Condry II 2013



    Mal Steinberg 2012
    Judge Donna Remsnyder 2011
    Stuart Suskin 2010
    Eric Sandler 2009
    Darcy Williams 2008
    Bernard Probst 2007
    Christopher Petruccelli 2006
    Cory Schnepper 2005



    Thomas Conroy 2004
    Bill Mathews 2003
    Barry Burak 2002
    Cesar Armstrong 2001
    Jim Walker 2000
    Judge Alan Kuker 1999
    Leslie Delman 1998
    Richard Sadow 1997




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